40AH Lithium Battery
40AH Lithium Battery

40AH 5KW battery LTO Cylindrical Cells Black Acrylic Case 5 Spot Lug bars Actively Balanced.

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This is our 40ah Unit made with the same LTO cylindrical cells as our 80ah Unit.


Lead time is 3-4 weeks on these built to order units.


these have less expensive lug bars with the cases made of 1/4" all the way around.

We are rating these with a stock alternator of 100a and 14.2V charging to hold low 13s on about 500a of draw. which is roughly 5kw clamped after efficiency. You'll obviously hold better voltage with more wattage with a larger alternator that charges 14.8+. safe voltage range on these batteries is up to 16.2v reliably at cycled rates. 


I recommend a NOCO G series charger of 7.2a or more and an AGM+ setting so you can bring the battery to about 15.2-5v.



Dimensions are 9" Tall 9" Deep, 6" wide. They have 5 spot lug bars included.